Digital Impression Scanners

Digital Impression Scanners

Today, intraoral impression scanners are one of the most exciting new technologies in dentistry. They enable the dentist to take a 3D digital scan of the patient's teeth and bite, make adjustments, and electronically transmit the file to the laboratory. Protec now accepts digital impression scans from most systems including Medit i700, Medit i500, 3Shape TRIOS 3, Dentsply Sirona Omnicam, iTero Element, Dentsply Sirona Primescan, 3M True Definition, E4D PlanScan, and Carestream CS 3500. We are equipped with latest file upload systems and servers, and have 3D resin printers to manufacture digital models.



Medit i700

Introducing the new Medit i700! The i700 makes the scanning experience a comfortable one for both the dentist and patient. With powerful hardware and intelligent software, the full-feature Medit i700 is the key to unleash your clinics full potential. Utilize the new Medit Link features and apps customized for your dental procedures.  Improve consultations with your patients to provide better treatment outcomes and enjoy the benefits of a high ROI and no annual fees! To learn more, visit the Medit website

Medit i500

The Medit i500 has made impressive mark in digital dentistry. The i500 commits to providing its user with convenience, comfort, and satisfaction. Special consideration was made designing its smaller tip with a high level of accuracy, powderless scanning, and full color imagery in HD. The i500 ensures that all professional needs are met with a digital workflow that delivers value, efficiency and productivity. Enjoy the benefits of a high ROI and no annual fees! To learn more, visit Medit website

3Shape TRIOS 3

The TRIOS 3® digital impression solution offers easy impression taking, better clinical results, and increased patient satisfaction! Get a three in one digital impression solution. An intraoral scanner for fast and easy 3D color impression taking; an integrated intraoral camera, so there’s no need to purchase one separately, and shade measurement while you scan, for more accurate and predictable results.  Dentists can choose between the TRIOS Cart,or the TRIOS Pod. The 3Shape interface also gives the dentist access to 3Shape Communicate, a tool that enables the dentist and lab to easily communicate, discuss and plan cases before submitting.  To learn more, visit 3Shape's website.


Dentsply Sirona Omnicam

Unrivalled handling, powder-free scanning and precise 3D impressions in natural color. The CEREC Omnicam is designed to feel natural to hold: taking digital impressions has never been so easy, intuitive and ergonomic. The natural color appearance will not only impress your patients.

Easy operation, tried-and-tested Bluecam technology and rapid single image acquisition. With the aid of the CEREC Bluecam you can scan powdered tooth surfaces in just a few seconds. This camera delivers outstanding precision and efficiency, and is particularly suitable for single-tooth restorations. To learn more, visit the  Dentsply Sirona website.


iTero® Element™

The iTero Intraoral Scanner is synonymous with high precision. Now, iTero® Element™ is engineered to deliver everything that doctors love about iTero scanners in a compact footprint with even bigger capabilities. iTero Element is designed to put the latest technology at your fingertips and make intraoral scanning fun. For more information, visit the iTero website.


Dentsply Sirona Primescan

The Dentsply Sirona PrimeScan has perfected its digital impression technology to a higher level of accuracy.  PrimeScan’s dynamic depth scanner allows capturing of full jaw scans in under a minute while delivering unparalleled image quality. The ease of using an anti-reflection touchscreen, a smooth touchpad surface, motion sensors for auto-activation, and anti-fog heating makes the Dentsply Sirona PrimeScan easier and faster than ever! For more information, visit the Dentsply Sirona website.


3M™ True Definition Scanner

When it comes to creating the perfect impression, accuracy is everything. The 3M™ True Definition Scanner is proven to be more accurate—and more consistently accurate—than other leading intraoral scanners. 3M™ True Definition Scanner impressions have been used to create thousands of cases tracking at a clinically proven fit rate of 99.7%. Doctors who’ve used it say restorations just "drop right in." The accuracy is so reliable, many cases don’t even require a model. For more information, visit the 3M website.



Carestream CS 3500

With the CS 3500 intraoral scanner, practitioners can easily acquire true color, 2D and 3D images that can be used with CS Restore software to design restorations within their practice. Requiring no external heater, powder or trolley system, the CS 3500 features high-angulation scanning of up to 45 degrees and to a depth from -2 to +13mm. Additionally, the CS 3500 features a unique light guidance system that aides in the capture of the data during the image acquisition process. For more information, visit the Carestream website.

E4D Planscan

Planmeca PlanScan captures the oral environment with precision. Each scanner comes with three removable tips, power cable and scanner cradle. The two-piece cradle features a weighted base or it can be wall-mounted or separated to fit into a standard handpiece caddy. Planmeca PlanScan is the only intraoral scanner in the world with blue laser technology. Its smaller wavelength (450 nm) is more reflective, resulting in sharper images. Its ability to capture fine details allows for more clinically precise prosthetics. With video-rate scanning and Thunderbolt™* connectivity to your Planmeca PlanCAD laptop (or upgraded cart), Planmeca PlanScan captures and processes data almost as quickly as you move your hand – even with full-arch cases. To learn more, visit the E4D Technologies website.

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